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With offices in Paris, London and Seoul, our mission is to broaden the horizon of European technology by providing leading start-ups with the capital for growth and access to Asian markets.

Our strong ties with NAVER Corporation, South Korea’s leading internet company, together with our network in Asia offer our portfolio companies much more than just capital.

Founded in 2016 by Fleur Pellerin, former French Minister of Digital Economy and Culture, Korelya Capital is an investment platform with over EUR 300 million under management.

We back the most ambitious founders in their journey to build global technology champions by sharing our passion, experience and market reach.

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We are thesis-driven investors supporting exceptional founders at every step of their journey

We seek out exceptional and talented European founders who put global ambition at the core of their mission and then work relentlessly with them to achieve it.

We focus our sourcing on well-defined investment theses and criteria and we are quick to recognise if a business is not for us.

Once we partner with a founder, we are highly engaged: we know the challenges of scaling across multiple markets faced by our companies and we leverage our network and expertise to make the journey a success.


Backing Europe's leading visionary companies

Advocates of a sustainable tech ecosystem.

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For decades, sustainable development has steadily grown in public opinion and business and political agendas globally. Organizations large and small are increasingly accountable for their social and environmental footprint.

While legal and statutory obligations today almost exclusively concern large corporations, we believe sustainability should be an integral part of corporate agendas at every stage of a company’s journey, for both ethical and economic reasons.

We are convinced that companies embracing societal and environmental challenges will drive superior value creation in the long term. Europe has a clear head start and an unmissable opportunity to create the next generation of sustainable global leaders.

That is why at Korelya we chose to set ourselves ambitious yet realistic sustainability goals, with an action plan designed to lead by example and promote our strong beliefs amongst our portfolio companies.

Recent News

Hokodo raises $40m Series B to take its B2B BNPL international

VCs can’t seem to get enough of buy now, pay later’s B2B counterpart right now. Last month saw raises from Berlin’s Mondu, and the UK’s Tranch and Previse — one of Sifted’s UK startups to watch in 2022. Yesterday London’s Playter bagged a $55m seed, and today it’s Hokodo’s turn.

The fintech, which has joint London and Paris HQs, has raised $40m equity in a Series B round led by Notion Capital, less than a year after its Series A.

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Finn raises $100M to expand car subscription platform in US, Germany

Car subscription platform Finn has raised $110 million in equity to expand in the U.S. and Europe and reach 30,000 subscriptions by the end of the year, according to the company.
The funding, which brings Finn’s valuation to “more than $500 million,” comes at a time when consumers are starting to shift away from traditional car ownership models like leasing or financing. Car subscription platforms, especially ones that offer electric vehicles like Onto in the U.K. and imove in Norway, are taking off as trends like usership over ownership, online shopping and EV usage rise.
Like its competitors, Finn offers a selection of new cars for rent, which can be delivered to the customer’s home, with no hidden fees or down payments. The company says the price listed online includes insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.

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Grover grabs $330M to double down on circular economy with consumer electronics subscriptions

A growing number of people are looking for ways to live more sustainably amid increasing concerns over the environment and what we humans keep doing to pollute it. Today, a startup called Grover, which has built a business around one aspect of that — enticing people to buy and eventually discard fewer consumer electronics such as phones, monitors and electric scooters by offering them attractive subscriptions to use their stock of new or used gadgets instead — is announcing a big round of funding to expand its business.
The Berlin-based company has raised $330 million — specifically $110 million in equity and $220 million in debt — that it plans to use to expand its stock of devices as it gears up for more user growth; build out more tools and financial services to personalize the experience for individuals to encourage more business on its platform through schemes like loyalty programs; and drive deeper into big markets, such as the U.S.

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Synapse Medicine raises $28 million for its medication intelligence platform

French startup Synapse Medicine has raised a new $28 million funding round (€25 million) led by Korelya Capital. The company has built a product that helps healthcare professionals get reliable drug information and prevent medication errors.
In addition to Korelya Capital, existing investors XAnge, MACSF and BNP Paribas Development also participated in the funding round.
There are many reasons why medication can turn against a patient — drug interaction, wrong dosage, side-effects, contraindications, etc. As the world’s population is aging and drugs are becoming more and more specific, it has become harder to know for sure that you’re prescribing the right medications as a doctor or pharmacist.

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