Fostering Growth with Sustainability at heart

For decades, sustainable development has steadily grown in public opinion and business and political agendas globally. Organisations large and small are increasingly accountable for their social and environmental footprint.

While legal and statutory obligations today almost exclusively concern large corporations, we believe sustainability should be an integral part of corporate agendas at every stage of a company’s journey, for both ethical and economic reasons.

We are convinced that companies embracing societal and environmental challenges will drive superior value creation in the long term. Europe has a clear head start and an unmissable opportunity to create the next generation of sustainable global leaders.

That is why at Korelya we chose to set ourselves ambitious sustainability goals, with an action plan designed to lead by example and promote our strong beliefs amongst our portfolio companies.

Our ESG plan is particularly focused on a subset of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are most relevant for Korelya and for which we are able to make a material difference and have a measurable impact. These include decent work and economic growth (#8), reducing inequality (#10) and climate action (#13). Our plan targets three main areas:

  • Management and governance of the management company: the management company has adopted an ESG-compliant approach including training and development and a clear set of policies and procedures.
  • Investment policy: we target companies that aim at contributing positively to societal and environmental challenges. We have integrated ESG in our due diligence processes and aim to negotiate adequate ESG policies in legal documentation.
  • Portfolio companies: we define clear ESG objectives together with our founders and set clear roadmaps to achieve them.

Read more about our ESG policy here.

Korelya Capital is also aligned with the new EU regulations and considers adverse sustainability impact at some Funds levels. Investors can request access to further information by directly reaching out to the team.

Proud Member of

Diversity & Inclusion

Since its inception in 2016, Korelya Capital has placed Diversity & Inclusion at the heart of its DNA. Our internal Diversity & Inclusion practices cover four areas:

  • Recruitment and talent
  • Culture and internal policy
  • Diversity in deal sourcing
  • Portfolio support

In addition to formal diversity and inclusion training for the entire Korelya team, we always seek to share best practices with other GPs, LPs and portfolio companies.

In November 2020, Korelya Capital became the first French investor awarded the Diversity VC standard, an initiative launched in September 2020 and pioneered by 15 leading funds across Europe, that rewards GPs for their diversity and inclusion practices.

We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion will create a better VC ecosystem in Europe and we are proud that Korelya is at the forefront.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”)

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) aims to significantly enhance transparency regarding environmental and social responsibility within the financial markets. This regulation mandates the inclusion of sustainability information for financial products, fostering greater awareness and informed decision-making among investors and stakeholders.

The primary goals of SFDR are threefold: to ensure consistency between promotional materials and actual sustainable practices, to facilitate comparability of financial products based on their sustainability characteristics, and to steer private investments towards more responsible and sustainable options. SFDR applies to both asset management entities and financial products themselves.

SFDR requires to define the classification of each financial product according to one of the following category:

  • Article 6: the financial product does not have a sustainability objective;
  • Article 8: the financial product promotes, among other characteristics, environmental and social characteristics – even if this is not its main focus – provided that the companies in which the investments made, follow good governance practices;
  • Article 9: The product has a sustainable investment objective, provided that the companies in which the investments are made do not significantly harm any other objectives and follow good governance practices.

K-Fund II is the first generation of funds that is categorized as an Article 8 funds as provided in Article 32 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”).