Who are we?

At Korelya Capital, we believe digital investment opportunities can trigger growth and social progress in Europe. The digital revolution has already started to disrupt the way we live, work, have access to knowledge, culture and information, the way we produce, the way we consume, the way we interact with each other’s. Tomorrow, it will free us of repetitive tasks, change our relation to the city, facilitate travel and limit our exposure to risks. We also believe that unprecedented success stories in the digital economy will emerge from Europe within the next ten years. The European tech ecosystem is reaching maturity at every levels (mindset, access to capital, tech know how, talent, etc.). Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, are the ingredients of the next digital revolution, the one that will follow the “platformization” of our economies and societies.

Korelya Capital, a unique partnership with Naver and Line
With their €200M investment, Naver and Line will pursue a strategic objective identifying and developing high-potential European startups in key Internet fields.

I- We back startups at every stage

We invest in digital startups with global ambition all across Europe. We look for inspiring teams with strong tech focus from seed to later stage. Key areas of interest include deep tech (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Mapping) as well as E-services and innovative digital content.

II- We invest in the best European Venture Funds

Deeply convinced that close collaboration and syndication plays a key role in the Venture Capital industry, we federate around us a network of top tier investors. As an LP actively investing the best performing and/ or emerging VC teams, we offer our partners direct access to our Asian ecosystem.

III- We boost champions’ growth in Asia

We support emerging European tech leaders in their global expansion strategies towards the east. Korelya Capital is a strategic partner capable of providing its portfolio companies with privileged access to the Asian market. We rely on our local network of LPs and Partners starting with Korea and Japan.